Better late than never

So we held our first reading at the Cyberpunk Apocalypse and it was awesome! Four great poets read in the newly re-modeled backyard where we had standing room only crowd, with only occasional interruptions from the nearby hospital’s life-flight helicopters.Thanks to everyone who came out, and special thanks to Jason Baldinger, Chelsea Tadeyeske, Edwin R.Perry, and Laura Brun for sharing their words.

Of course, we were too busy enjoying the reading and forgot to take pictures and video to post (we’re still getting the hang of this “promotion and social media” thing), but we’re making plans to have video of our next readings to post on the interwebs. Which segues nicely into: Our upcoming readings!

Tomorrow will be the fundraiser in Nola Speakeasy. Two fantastic readers, delicious wine, and killer apps to enjoy, so come on down to Market Square and check it out.

Our November reading at Cyberpunk Apocalypse is also in the works. It’ll be four fiction writers this time (and we’ll be inside, so those pesky helicopters won’t interrupt us so easily). More details forthcoming on that in the near future.


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