Cool writerly resources to make yourself hip to

Just a couple things that tickled my fancy when doing writerly research on the interwebs. Figured I’d leave them here, in the hopes someone else might be similarly tickled.

Query Shark

It doesn’t seem fair that something so short as a query letter can be so important in the agent/publication/being-an-actual-Writer process, but then life’s not fair, and at least there’s shit like Query Shark. Professional literary agent critiques actual query letters, suggesting revisions, pointing out what works and what doesn’t. Hasn’t been updated for a little while but there’ll be something in the 10+ years of posts to set you on the right track.

This site’s been around for a while, so I’m probably in fact the last person to find out that it exists, but just in case I’m not–this site has a wealth of resources, not just for freelancers, but for writers in general. Site is updated daily with new jobs and calls for submissions. Maybe their coolest resource is the list of creative writing contests with no entry fees, which can be often difficult to find on other contest listings.


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