What We Are

The Haven will be a space of community and craft development for writers in Pittsburgh, with hopes to open its doors by the end of 2016.

Extended time to think and write can be invaluable to a writer. The concerns of daily life often make this impossible. The Haven will organize 2 to 5 day retreats to give writers a break from the grind and help re-fill their creative juices

Classes and Workshops
Affordable courses to help writers hone their craft and develop new skills. Courses will focus on genre techniques as well as more traditional literary skills, and workshop groups will be available for writers of all levels. In addition to multi-week courses, the Haven hopes to provide shorter seminars, lectures, and mini-workshops, some of them on practical topics–like resume writing and personal statement workshops–that will be open to the community.

In addition to a free give a book, take a book library, the Haven will feature a resource library for its members with everything from dictionaries to Duotrope.

The Cafe
A space to work in the company of other writers, serving coffee, tea, and food to fuel your creative efforts. The cafe area will house the free library and serve as a performance space for readings and lectures.

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