3/12: Marshall James Kavanaugh and Stephanie B at Cyberpunk Apocalypse


We’ll be back at Cyberpunk Apocalypse in the North Side on March 12 for a pair of touring PA poets making a stop in Pittsburgh. Marshall James Kavanaugh is touring his poetry collection Travel by Haiku and Stephanie B. is touring her essay collection Letters to Aunt Lucy. You can check out more details of their tour on their Facebook page.

The Cyberpunk Apocalypse library is also going to be open for your perusal and purchase. There’s loads of good stuff on those shelves, from vintage young adult to how-to woodcrafting guides. (There’s a couple pictures of the library in the Cyberpunk update from last year, though they don’t really demonstrate the collection’s full majesty).

Book sale at 7, reading at 8.

BYOB, free and open to the public!

3-12 reading flyer

Tuesday, May 19: Gender Swarp

The next installment in the gender reading series is coming up next Tuesday:

genderswarpFeatured readers:

Liz Abeling
Reid Carter
Alexis Cromer
Taylor Grieshober
Ben Gwin

Hope to see yinz there!

Upcoming Readings: Gender Swap date change and a Bean Feast

Gender Swap: May 19, 8PM
Cyberpunk Apocalypse

With both the Submit-In and the Sausage Party in mid-April, we felt we were getting a little overly-ambitious doing another reading on April 30 (we’re still kinda new at this and we get so excited about ideas we sometimes forget about the logistics). So we’ve pushed the Gender Swap back to May 19. More details about the line-up and whatnot to follow soon!

Bean Feast (and maybe Clam Bake!) coming in June
To finish out our gender-themed reading series, we’ll be doing an all-female reading in June. Details on this one are still forthcoming, but we’re excited to announce we may be exploring a new venue for this one, an outdoor spot that looks just lovely.

As always, if you’re interested in sharing your words with the world, let us know! Gender swap will involve stories or poems written from the narrative voice of a gender not your own (interpreting this however you will for those who don’t fall on the gender binary) while the Bean Feast will be open only to readers who identify as female (sorry dudes, you already had your sausage party).

Cyberpunk Update

After several months of semi-regular Tuesday visits, our overhaul of the Cyberpunk Apocalypse reading space is, if not complete, at least at a point we can feel proud of what we’ve done. The last time the space was open to the public it looked something like this:

IMG_0523  DSC00304


So we plastered and painted the walls:


and rearranged the bookshelves to create a nifty little nook.


It’s still a little rough around the edges, but the space feels homey now, and we’re excited to head back there for our April reading.

The Haven Presents: Pure Poetry Destruction

The Haven reading series continues Friday, January 30th at the Cyberpunk Apocalypse, as this trippy poster says:

1-30-15 Cyberpunk flyer

Reading is free and open to the public, but we’re asking attendees to bring a donation of some kind for the nearby Light of Life mission. This can take the form of cash or material goods (for a full list of what the mission needs right now, check out this page).

The Haven is cooking up a couple other events for the coming months. Info will pop up here as things are finalized so keep your eyes open, and we hope to see you on the 30th!

November 25: Prose Party at Cyberpunk Apocalypse

The second Haven Presents at the Cyberpunk Apocalypse is coming up next Tuesday, November 25th. The details:

November 25

Given that we recently had the coldest November day in Pittsburgh history, I will hazard a guess that we will be inside the Cyberpunk performance space which–though we haven’t posted any pictures lately–is now much further along in the renovations than when that wall picture was posted many moons ago.

Better late than never

So we held our first reading at the Cyberpunk Apocalypse and it was awesome! Four great poets read in the newly re-modeled backyard where we had standing room only crowd, with only occasional interruptions from the nearby hospital’s life-flight helicopters.Thanks to everyone who came out, and special thanks to Jason Baldinger, Chelsea Tadeyeske, Edwin R.Perry, and Laura Brun for sharing their words.

Of course, we were too busy enjoying the reading and forgot to take pictures and video to post (we’re still getting the hang of this “promotion and social media” thing), but we’re making plans to have video of our next readings to post on the interwebs. Which segues nicely into: Our upcoming readings!

Tomorrow will be the fundraiser in Nola Speakeasy. Two fantastic readers, delicious wine, and killer apps to enjoy, so come on down to Market Square and check it out.

Our November reading at Cyberpunk Apocalypse is also in the works. It’ll be four fiction writers this time (and we’ll be inside, so those pesky helicopters won’t interrupt us so easily). More details forthcoming on that in the near future.