November 27: Gratitude reading

As promised, the Gratitude reading is coming up next week! This is our first Friday reading, because what better day to read about gratitude than Black Friday (the ironically least grateful day of the year)?

This is also our first reading at Artisan (5001 Penn Ave), which is a super-cool gallery/tattoo shop/cafe that all yinz should be hip to!

Doors at 7:30, reading starts at 8 (like we do). The flier below contains pretty much the same deets, but I’m amused by turkey clip art, so I’m posting it anyway.

gratitude flyer

Upcoming Events: Two Readings and a Submit-In

The first ever Submit-In: Because Writing is Hard, and Submission is worse

April 14, 7-10pm
Howler’s Coyote Cafe

So I think most writers will agree with me when I say submitting work is hard. Not the process itself–that’s just hitting a few buttons, or mailing a big envelope–but the thought of sending a story out into the great unknown is daunting. And how do you figure out where to send it?

The answer is you let the Haven help! The Submit-In is all about writers coming together to encourage each other through the submission process. We’ll bring some literary journals to peruse (plus any knowledge gleaned at AWP) and a printer and envelopes for any mailed submissions (and we’ll even mail them for you after!). You bring your computers and your awesome finished work. Together, we’ll play the terrifying numbers game that is submitting work to journals.

Upcoming Readings

The Haven Presents reading series is set to wrap up its first season with two final themed readings:

March 31: Sports!
Location Nico’s Recovery Room (178 Pearl Street)

Pittsburghers love their sports, and Pittsburgh’s writers are often no exception! Whether it’s a baseball poem or an essay about hockey, come out and hear the creatives take on our home town teams.

April 28: Gender Benders
Location: The Cyberpunk Apocalypse (1200 Boyle Street)

Sometimes a women wants to write like a man–and vice versa. Come out for a showcase of local authors writing in the voice of a gender not their own.